My Visibility belt is worn out and falling apart , I want to get a new one but I’m sure I’ve seen motorbike riders wearing visibility belts that flash , Does anyone know where I can find them?

Flash? Different, are they allowed? I just got a £5 one from a market stall

not sure about the legality of this… :ermm: as far a i remember we (motorists not cyclists) are NOT allowed to have flashing lights. only an emergency vehicle can have them

I got one off ebay for £11. I made a post about it a couple of months ago. search if your interested.

I think you’re right. I’m sure a motorcycle light for the under carriage said “Flashing feature NOT LEGAL FOR ROAD USE”, my memory is a little hazy though, was quite a few years ago.

so you cant have the orange warning lights?
(like on wide loads)

I have a disco light flashing motorcycle vest which you can buy in Infinity Clapham. Comes complete with batteries. It’s white with red lights. No one has ever pulled me over at all - apart from one rider who wanted to ask where I got it from and another rider who wanted to take the piss out of me.

It’s GREAT!! :smiley:

found this post regarding flashiing lights…

in summary you are not allowed to use flashing lights apart from amber for the indicators

Pan’s right I’m afraid. The flashy light vests are not legal for road use on a motorbike as they can be seen as a distraction, and they are not fitted as standard.

Even so, I’m sure that the amount of people who have been stopped for wearing one on a motorbike are barely minimal! I’m certain that I’d never stop someone! :wink:

You can also buy them in cycling shops. Very handy bit of kit if you’re on a bicycle, but I fail to see why somebody would notice these little flashy lights more than your breaklights etc…

thanks for the confirmation RR… I also agree that there is little chance of being pulled over for something like this but just wanted to make ppl aware :wink:

The link said that flashing lights cant be attatched to the vehicle, it doesnt mention rider? On a unlit motorway/dual carriageway they are useful, i prefer them permanently on (non flash).

Well when I get arrested for wearing my Infinity Disco Light Flashing Motorcycle Vest, will let you know;)

By the Fashion Police?


Yes it’s not very cool.:wink: I rode up to the Ace in it the other Friday - and everyone started disco dancing. (Actually that disco dancing bit wasn’t true - but the flashing lights are kind of 70’s). However, on the plus side, everyone gets out of my way:D