virus warning

hey, guys not sure whether I have put this in the right section.

However, just to let you know that on one of the links (not really sure which one) where people have posted a link to take to you another site, we’ve been infected with a virus - approx 101 of them. Our PC hasn’t been used for anything else recently but LB. We are putting an anti-virus kit on there (i already thought one was installed) - so just take care when you are clicking on links to other sites etc.


You mean 101 viruses? I think your PC was infected propably by spyware. Spyware Doctor is very good for this kind of thread. What antivirus software you use right now?

Yeah that was one of them. The problem is nearly sorted out.

Internet Explorer = Spyware; Firefox = Happy Surfing!

Firefox is the way forward Also has the benefit of discouraging posting c/o on LB as the WYSIWYG doesn’t work in Firefox.

Firefox + Linux = zero spyware etc…

Mac OS X = no viruses in the wild… at all…


What about this one?

Is Leap-A a virus or a Trojan? hehehe

That is the way forward!!!

what language are you lot speaking ???

not on my planet Salee! Download it, install it, play with it, learn it’s cool features and love it! Browsing is all the easier now…

Yeah, Jay is right trust us, do it !