Virtual credit card is behind the bar!

Hi there!

I’m Mad Liz and I live in St Albans with my daughter, my Japanese Akita and four gerbils. I own four bikes - My new Z750 is my toy, my 600 Bandit is for commuting, my XV535 is the project and my wee RXS100 is lent out to mates who are learning to ride.

Been riding for far too many years to count, and work with the BMF on the political lobbying side, so don’t be surprised if and when I bore you stupid asking you to write letters etc.

Anyhow, the bar’s open! Help yourselves!

welcome to LB Liz! i’m sure we’ll find out why your mad???

Hello and a very warm welcome to LB.

Great to meet you and is a very cold pint please.

Hi there and welcome to LB…

poke poke with our newbie stick…

still drinking my carrot juice from jod89cbr so will pass for now… thanks for the drinks…



Hey Liz, welcome to LB!

Welcome to LB, mines a JD…

Its a great site with great people… most of them anyway

Welcome to LB mines a pint of Kroni.

Two of the bikes! Sylvester is the Bandit, and the Zed is Albert.

Not great piccies, just taken on my mobile.

welcome to the site

Hi there Liz, welcome to LB gal…

welcome Liz

I had a xv535 for 6 years, so if you need any help let me know

I’ve had mine for years too! Did about 70K on it and then took it off the road for TLC, and it’s been sitting in the garage ever since (3 years).

My sprogthing is getting married next year, so I think that I might just sell it now, so that I can get the wedding pot started.

welcome liz to LB coming down the ace this friday 30/6 will be good to c u

At last a newbie’s getting the drinks in Welcome to LB

oh and a JD and coke thanks, as you getting the drinks in it seams rude to poke you