Virago XV 125 and 250cc engine parts and TCI

For sale:

crankshaft xv 125 complete with conrods and pistons= 80 pounds as it is, plus shipping

2 X pistons xv 250, standard size = 10 pounds each plus shipping

2 X cylinders xv125 =35 pounds each plus shipping

2 X cylinder head xv 125= 25 pounds each plus shipping

Pair of STANDARD size PISTON RINGS, OEM YAMAHA, BRAND NEW with receipt(one seal is broken to look inside , one box was not opened at all)=80 pounds plus shipping

2 X TCI :
-TDNF24 4RF-82305-00 restricted to 93 km/h = 50 pounds plus shipping
-TDNF45 5AJ-82305-20 unrestricted =70 pounds plus shipping

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