Viper titanium end can rebuild HELP

After going for a blast with RIXXY last night I managed to shatter the rivets out of my exhaust,
RIXXY managed to bodge it together so I’d make it home and now I’m trying to rebuild it.
But it have a few questions…

1: if I cut it down about 4" will it make much difference to performance?
2: will it make it too loud?
3:should the metal fibres inside be the whole length of the can?

I will probably have a few more questions as I progress…

1: if I cut it down about 4" will it make much difference to performance?

Not so you would notice.

2: will it make it too loud?

How loud is too loud? I cut my Remus revolution in half, it was louder, but I was still drowned out by at least half the bikes that pull into the Ace. I can’t see it being loud enough for you to worry about attracting attention.

3:should the metal fibres inside be the whole length of the can?

I would have thought so, I have never seen a stock can with partial wadding.

i got a stubby round scorpian you can have a lend wih a view to buy for lets call it forty quid for fellow Lb only have that an the strap though no link pipe got wth my fazer i’ll measure what size link pipe it needs if your intrest apprently it spits flame on the fazer buy never used it an it isnt e marked.
ps good riding with you yesterdsy scorch proper behaviour.

Send me some pics please mate…
I will need to find a link pipe as this one is solid in the can!

I seem to remember my old can having a type of fibre glass in them too… This one doesn’t

From what I can gather the legal noise limit is 74db

But mine is a little loud… Although the app says its an average motorcycle…

Going by the inner pipe you can see I’ve cut it down a little too much… Should I cut the can to suit? Or should I weld some old inner pipe to the end of it?

I think it’ll look neat if I clean it up,
What do you all think?


I just have to fabricate it and tidy it up.

That’s a generous 4 inches you’ve removed…:hehe:

Couldn’t find a tape measure :Whistling:

I just bought one of these :slight_smile:

Why did the wadding go back in :(.


I’m assuming you mean the metal fibre?

If so… I wanted to cut the can down without making it too loud…
It actually sounds rather nice as it is. But I’m worried it won’t hold out.

that’s the same one I’ve got on my Fazer, looks good, sounds great and fits perfectly straight out the box

It was your video that actually sold it to me,
How long have you had it on?
I thought you was selling…

Only thing is mine will sound different coming from a v-twin so it’s a bit of a gamble, sounds good on yours so I hope I haven’t waisted £87

Did you have to pay import duties?

been on a couple of months now, I was going to sell but a change of plan made me decide to keep it
should sound good on a twin, I get a really nice deep tone fron the inline 4 which sounded quite high with the original can.
No import duties and got mine within 5 days of ordering it. So over all really really impressed and for that priced it it goes down the road it doesn’t mean a year of saving up for a new one


I cant wait,

My repair looks quite embarrising, atleast once i have the new can i can tidy this one upand have it as a spare

let us know how it goes,

I know… Im impatient, its only been a few days…

But how manny sorting offices do things usually have to go through when they come from china :confused: