I want to seel my old vinyl to rasise some money, does anyone know of any vinyl dealers i can take my stuff to or is anyone here interested in buying any.

If you’re talking about your gimp suit again John then the answer wil be the same as last time, not until you’ve washed it ! :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, doubt it would fit anybody else :smiley:

Sticking them on ebay in sections of 5 or 10 is your best bet fella, my mate has made quite a bit of money from selling his old vinyls on there.

what sort of music is it?

I often buy vinyl at car boot sales, there are often boxes and boxes of records

usually at £1 a go unless something special.

I still buy quite a bit of vinyl and have been collecting for years. I may be interested depending on what you have. Or I can give you the addresses of a few shops that may be interested, but they tend to give a better price if you are exchanging for other records. E bay can be good but to get a decent price the records will need to be mint or in as new condition unless they are very rare, plus you’ll need to add pictures and give a detailed description. Send me a message if I can help.

You can try the vinyl resting place at Croydon, they will take some of it at reasonable rates then the rest on ebay

Sorry mate, just googled them they closed last year!! slightly embarrassing :blush:

Don’t sell it - you will regret it - just play them

Once upon a time Camden was full of second hand vinyl shops and i know there is one in Archway

Setting for high fidelity if i am not mistaken

Let me know how you get on as i have about 500 sitting in my attic

Beanos in Croydon do all sorts of Vinyl, don’t know about their buy in policy.


Ive got some valueable lps which need pricing. I`ll have to hunt around a bit.
This is to fund my new bike.

How about a list?

I have printed out a list, which i will take to a dealer once i`ve found one.

Then once you’ve got a valuation/offer you will post it on here and ask the dealer to wait a few days in case any lber wants to make you a similar offer plus a few beers :smiley: am i right ?

Rockbox in Camberley buys vinyl in good condition

Yes once i get them valued you can have first refusal on them.