Vintage 1965 Safety Film

Don’t be like Tom’s friend :smiley:


What struck me is how small bikes were. Wheeling it out of his garden was easier than you would move a modern e-assist bicycle.

Just like cars our bikes have been getting fatter and fatter.

Happy days of the British 250 cc 4 stroke singles put out to pasture in the early 70’s in favour of Japanese 250 cc two stroke twins. All of which could be ridden on a provisional Driving Licence that any 16 year old could pick up over the counter at the local Post Office for the bargain price of around 5/- (25p).

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Is Tom’s positioning is too far to the left? Tom wasn’t in full control as he pulled out with only one hand on clutch and accelerator!

Tom’s friend sounds like the person I’d invite to a party

Toms Friend stands more of a chance of getting laid

Ah! Getting your leg over for 5 bob, those were the days.

“there’s usually quite a bit of traffic about at this time in the morning”

Yeah, a dozen cars and a couple of pedestrians, how will Tom cope?