Viking Vinyls

A question many people has asked me is where did I get my saddle lowered and so here is the answer, George White in Shoreditch introduced me to this specialized bike saddle upholsterer named Lee, his company is called Viking Vinyls and his contact number is 07977 874075, Lee will come to your door in his van and do all kinds of alterations to your saddle, he is able to unstaple the leather or vinyil cover, add or remove foam, reshaping it and then restaple it making it look like brand new.

Other services are: custom designed coloured vinyl covers and logos of your choice. His prices are very decent and he is an all round diamond geezer

p.s: his website is not working I have noticed. but his mobile phone does

I can deff agree with capt I use Lee for all m9 seating work top bloke