yep… Definitely the war with the best sound track!!!

you been watching full metal jacket/platoon/appocolips now?? (delete where applicable :stuck_out_tongue: )

Shouldn’t this be in Music? :smiley:

‘you werent there man!!! dont understand maaaaaaaaaan’…

i tell ya…they had claymores in freakin tress man…wiped out a whole platoon… ’

‘wooooooaaahhhh man’:smiley:

i have a bit of a facinasction with Vietnam, the conflict mainly, have many many books on it:)

legendary vietnam marine core sniper carlos hathcock…

tooon…he was from pembrey estate in hackney!

yeah I kinda got hooked on the record, I had every version, sucka or what ? lol, even worse I remember seeing the source program “Vietnam Requiem” about the effect of the war on people who were traced from the original footage, to see where they were 10 years after, not many chuckles in that program.