[Video] Vespa 125 hit by White Van

This happened on the 24th at Oval around 6pm.

The scooter stopped to give way to the ambulance but the white van carries on driving and hits the scooter.

I was expecting the van driver to jump out to check on the victims …

But no the driver just sits there, probably just adding news of this latest incident and apologising for having to prematurely end a phone conversation.

Lol no doubt!

Argghh! I got hit up the arse last year (on the bike and by a 4x4, not with a penis or other object in the literal sense) and its not bloody fun! :frowning:

At least it was an ambulance they were giving way… Not saying that to try and be amusing, but if it were a fire engine / police car and someone were seriously injured then the result could be very different…

Was the pillion OK?? Did you give the rider your details as the vid would be very useful…

And…why are you not wearing any gloves!!? :stuck_out_tongue:

What camera are you using?? The quality looks good. I’ve been thinking about getting one as well, I’ve had a couple of near misses in the last year and think it might be useful in an accident.


I’ve had people beep me and shout when I’ve waited at the camberwell green lights for an ambo.

Top hate though is pulling over to let an emergency vechile throug and they having some twat behind use this as an excuse to let rip and try and over take.