[video] Triumph moto2 bike


This sounds awesome, might have to take a trip to the Assen round next year to hear a gridfull of them go past.


Quote - ‘one of the greatest engines ever built, one of the nicest handling bikes ever built’

If that’s the case and not the hype then why wouldn’t it be in demand and a financial reality for Triumph?


Because it’s a race bike not a road bike and probably costs £40k.


Well basically in order to create up to date daytona, it would have to come with fancy traction control, lean sensitive abs, up and down quickshifter, colour display… probably ending up costing 12-13k. Problem is that current liter bikes shrunk in size over the years and became very approachable by an average rider. Most people would choose gsxr1k for for 13k and have braging rights about riding 200bhp monster of the bike. Not that you can use it all on the road but its all about “I can if I would wish too”.


Love the Moto2 bike.

My next bike will probably be a Triumph. Thinking of downsizing from the 1300cc monster that is the KTM Superduke 1290.


Sounds awesome. I’d love them to bring out a road going version.

Waiting for what @Aceman has to say about this :rofl:


Really? It’ll would be the usual blah