Video tape -> PC software needed - Advice Please!

I need to transfer about 20 videos onto a PC format.

Maplins had some software “Magix” I think it’s called, came complete with video -> USB connector and software for a pc.

Any good/ Any other recommendations?

Rather do it myself than get an agency to do it for me :smiley:

do you have hardware for video input? I believe most of video editors will allow to capture video from input source. I believe even VirtualDub does that - which is free.

You can get some hardware for capturing videos to PC for £5

Be easier to just download some new smut to your ipad - just tell SIRI what you like and she’ll sort you out :Whistling:

My mum has one of those vcr/dvd combo things - I need to check if its a dvd recorder - if so I’m sure she’d let you borrow it if you took her for a spin on the back of your Harley… :w00t:

Ha! :smiley:

Thanks y’all - I’ll look out for the connector hardware…

My Harley Markie? Well if yer Mum don’t mind getting into a time machine back to 1990 she’s welcome to have a pillion ride on my piece of **** that masqueraded as a motorcycle Sportster I had then - in fact I’ll trade it in for her DVD/VCR combo jobie…:Whistling:

hi ross…

depending what windows your running you might have windows movie/dvd maker on you computer already …

and as long as its a relatively new-ish computer it will be fast enough to capture the video from a vhs player via the usb device’s…


I have been trying to do this for years and your post prompted me to get off my arse and sort it out. I purchased the Rescue your Video Tapes Version 7 made by Magix for under £40.00 and it works really well. :slight_smile:
I have already saved a video of my son from his Motocross days.