(Video) Silverstone Lowside Crash

I made this a couple of years ago. The bike was being run in, only about a week old, had supercorsa (semi-slicks) tyres on, it was raining. We upped the pace little by little and I went too far one lap and lost the rear tipping in to one of the slower corners. This wasn’t to be the last time I would forget to take into consideration the weather conditions before riding this bike on track

Luckily the R&G crash bungs saved the bike completely and only the engine cover was scuffed, amazingly. So a DIY repair the next day saw me sand back the cover and paint it again, better than new!

Oh yeah, for everyone that’s uninterested (), here’s some snaps from the cover repair…

There’s the shrug of a man who knows he can afford to sling his bike down the track methinks…

Nah, I was just in shock Learnt a lot since that day!

Ahaha! I bet… but a nice repair job tho I must say! Top marks.

Did you cry at any point? I took a pack of tissues to Brands for just that eventuality should the 675 have gone belly-up

Cry!? No! I was too busy getting ribbed for falling off.

Oops! My belief is that if you really cant afford to be on track then dont do it if its going to cripple you if it all goes wrong. Accidents happen.

When i go racing i know there is the possibility of ‘the big one’ but i think i am covered for it (would finish my season off though…). Ride or drive on track long enough and it will happen eventually you just have to learn from your mistakes and never ever cry… Worse things happen at sea.

For sure, you shouldn’t go on track if you can’t pay for the worst-case scenario, though there’s also that risk with riding on the road, and I dare so you run the risk of a higher penalty, i.e. your health. Arguably, on the track you’re less likely to injure yourself, that’s my belief from my experiences at least.

Do you use track-day insurance? That is the benefit of road riding, that you are covered by insurance unless of course you are TPFT. The track is a much safer riding environment and you are as you say, much less likely to injure yourself due to a marked absence of trees/cars/animals etc.

When i’v put some more miles under her (and i) i really must take the gix on to the track. I really want to do Brands on the Berg too.

Jay, did you have to use any filler on your engine cover? If so, which one?

Got to repair mine after a little off a couple of weeks back

It’s not about the money but the fact you see your baby there on the floor! And you are the guilty one! well not always

Thats some good sanding down you did there Jay that must of took some time the finish loos good too.

As you’re in the mood for posting up vids Jay, can you post up the one of the k5 at brands please. It sounds like a gp bike

Ken, no, I used no filler as the scuffs had not taken much of the surface away. I did many layers of sanding with different grades of paper to get a good finish. I spent an afternoon doing it then used three coats of paint, one primer and two gloss. Both were hammerite high-temperature paints I believe.

Badman, I didn’t make a video the other week at Brands! I wish I had, but I didn’t have time to sort it out. I have an onboard video from the last time I was at Brands though, I will post that up soon.