[VIDEO] Rideout Guide

Good idea? Waste of time? I’ve done a first draft -

Anything missing? Anything to change?

I wonder about getting some footage from the 3rd person, so to speak, showing the corner man and tail gunner.

This is really good Andy! Good job! :slight_smile:

People’s plates need to be blurred out.

It’s missing a soundtrack. Contact Hans Zimmer he has some experience in that area. Besides that it’s useful albeit a bit long for it’s purpose :slight_smile:


Not like he’s showing the speed etc…

Or am I missing something?

I can only imagine that for false sense of privacy.

AndyCr15 - Very good idea!


All it costs is £2.50 to the DVLA and a made up excuse to get the registered keeper’s details.

Yes, but is not limited to “bikes seen on youtube” so when you are on the road anyone and everyone around you, even pedestrians can do the same check.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

So, unless you breaking law or your vehicle is not road legal the possibility of someone checking your details is far much greater when you are riding on the road than when you are filmed in some Instructional video.

So that is why it is “FALSE” sense of privacy.


Nice video. Well put together.

I was reading a report that you should always get off your bike when you are filling up. I’ll have to dig out the link.

It was to with the vapour, the risk of you slipping, sparks/ hot engines and open fuel tanks causing harm to you.

A link but not the one I read previously.

also as well as full tank, empty bladder before leaving meetup too as nothing worse than bursting for the loo

The last paragraph made me never want to try to fill up while sitting on the bike :smiley: I don’t anyways and I guess it’s reasonable precaution, much more than having to remove your helmet

PS. Somebody PLEASE!! Change the quoting system here before I kill somebody.

worthy of mentioning. especially when it causes loss of concentration.

I can’t look at it just now as I’m at a seminar but did my stoppie make the cut?

  1. my bike is rarely at the registered address and when it is its in a brick built garage
  2. people seeing your bike on the street more than likely won’t remember the number plate (unless you have a private plate that’s easy to remember)
  3. Working with hundreds of criminals on a daily basis I can tell you that video is a catalogue.
  4. unless he has those people’s permission that video shouldn’t display number plates and/or bikes/riders.

Not to mention vehicle cloning. Everyone loves a bit of free petrol.

Get snickers!


ps. same on the road, even easier leaving bike on car park locked to the anchor but you didn’t lock your licence plate, bum head-shot. This all may happen I’m not saying no, it is just not fair to said it only because of registration visible in the video.

That is a good video and would have been handy had it been available for me to watch before I joined the ride :slight_smile:

Andy hope you do not mind me downloading it as want to take some screen captures of myself…


Andy, very very good video and brilliant idea. i think you’ve covered everything imo. well done. :slight_smile:

No I don’t because if my plate goes missing I’ll report it and I’ll have the heads up.

Bless your soul your so naive. Victim in the making.

Anyway, I have things to go and do.

Great video Andy and some nice riding on display. :slight_smile:

On the personal responsibility theme I would add…‘when you are marking a corner make sure you are stop in a safe location. It may not be safe to stop your bike precisely where the lead rider has pointed- it is your responsibility to make that judgement.’ Some riders stop their bikes a few yards beyond a right turn so as not to obstruct the view of other traffic turning from the left and walk back to mark the corner- as long as they are still near enough to the bike and waving others through it can also help with being seen imo.

BTW I love the bit in the vid where you are marking the dual carriageway exit for an age and when the rest turn up one of the group(?) hoons past oblivious!:slight_smile: