Video on Liveleak - granny nearly getting run over by bike

Fairly close call here that looks like it’s on my regular commute (London Road in Norbury?), unfortunately a route where you regularly get silliness like this going on which is why I got my Stebel Magnums, which I think should be made compulsory on all bikes. They are very effective and I use them at least twice a week.This shows how wise it can be to always ride with a helmet cam. Does anyone else use one of these, and if so what setup do you use, how much did it cost and how easy is it to set up/use/etc? Could save a lot of trouble if it came to legal/insurance difficulties…

Had that happen to me last night, and some kind lady bollocked the guy for running out in front of me only to get a mouthful of abuse back from him, but he then ran off. ****!

The only thing is why was the bike in the cycle lane? Maybe things would have been better if it had been further over. Or was it a bicycle? (On a computer at work so no sound!)

That woman looked thinck as two shorts planks though. Head down, on phone. Ridiculous.

I think you’re right, there’s not engine sound, you can hear the rider exerting himself (ie heavy breathing), so it appears this is indeed a cyclist.

i got myself an Air Zound for that. its great, thought about putting it on my motorbike aswell:P

i think its a cyclist : the brakes sounded like bicycle brakes and they (cyclist) usualy scream ‘lookout!!’ as they dont have a horn :wink:

If he had been knocked over - he would have to share a small percentage of the blame, as the way ahead was not clear.

They were stupid, not crossing in the right place, but it was clearly visible that there was a hazard ahead, and he continued to pass through assuming they would all stop for him…

Happens a lot, even when you’re in the right - life sucks eh? :slight_smile:

I would have just ridden straight into the stupid bitch, and hopefully knocked her the **** out :smiley:

lmao - what I said, and I would do, are two completely different things!

She would have got the Akras blipped in her face! :hehe:

Bought one of these recently and apart from some problems with certain SD cards…
it’s the easiest Cam I have used. Very compact, no extra packs to carry, easy start
and good quality recording. (Can also include time stamps)

Mini DVR 2

Oh…just installed a Magnum horn myself…sounds a bit like an HGV now…:wink:


Must have been on a bicycle. not so easy to stop in the wet. Anyway on the bike this happens all the time in London. I miss them by the smallest of margins, they think they’re invincible. Some feckers look at you after they have jumped out in front of you and you’re in the wrong. Had one this morning as I was in the car - one of those cool as feck kids with his jeans under his arse - looked at me as he was dawdling across the otherwise empty road and held his hand out for me to stop - WTF??? I didnt hit him but it was close. What an attitude.

cor that was remarkably restrained, i would have been off on one!:smiley:

Am I the only one that kicks/shoulder barges people then? :smiley:

Ugh… Ridiculous!
The way none of them even seam to realise what danger they just caused! :pinch:

Had a teenage boy stand in the middle of the road when he saw me coming, arms and legs out to be as bigger obstical as he could… Ended up knocking his hat off, recon a 30mph slap hurts!

Isn’t it notable that everyone stopped when they saw the bike, except for the pedestrian with a phone glued to their ear? Phones are as lethal for pedestrians as they are for car drivers.

hello mate. i’ve got one of those mini dvr 2 cams. how are you finding the quality? i’m recording at the max resolution and can’t help but be a little disappointed with the results. the sample footage on youtube looked better than what i’m getting. have you got any vids up you’ve done on this cam?

Yeah - a cam could help you out in court if you are clearly in the right - at the same time it could incriminate you.

You can get whatever horn you like, and here Pyro will back me up, coming down the A406 with Pyro on the back of my bike, some idiot just decides he doesn’t want to be in his lane anymore and slips straight across, no indicators, no looking in mirrors, just moves unexpectedly into my lane…now I am two up, with enough luggage to technically count for 3 up and my brakes are struggling under the weight.I blast my horn, continuously…nothing. He just keeps moving into my lane.

I have had this happen several times to me in East London, drivers just don’t care, and it isn’t about being on a bike either, had it happen in the car and on the bike.

The horn means nothing. Drivers just continue on with what they are doing.

Personally if I hear a long blasting horn right next to me, car or bike, I tend to stop my maneuver and have a good look around to see if it is me, but some people just think the horn is nothing to do with them.

Worst thing about biking I think is the disadvantage you are at while driving, I have said a couple of times I really want to get bits of spark plugs, the white bits, and keep them in my tank bag, so that when some div cuts me up I can pull one out and shatter one of their windows, then they can hear me as I scream into their car …“you can fcking see me now can’t ya you cnt!”

Maybe i will get around to it one day…

Wow, she is a silly old girl. Stuff like this happens loads in Kentish Town.

Other then the fact that the guy isn’t swearing, do you not think it sounds like Gordon Ramsey?