Video game fan Francis is upset.

He is pissed. Do you think this guy is for real? I do. Try not to laugh at his voice please.

He’s a little emotional don’tcha think? :w00t:

Unstable’s probably a better word Jaime, LoL :smiley:


No he’s not for real, look at his channel. He openly mocks people who believe in the stereotype.

Well lets give this guy an Oscar, he’s got my vote for actor of the year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at his channel he has written:

Q: Yeah but, why are you so fat? I mean how did you let yourself get like that?
A: A wonderful mix of food addiction, depression, and a hard life. though I’m recovering and doing so nicely.

In the UK we call this ‘care in the community’. For everyone else there is Youtube…

haha, I was on Xbox Live for an hour yesterday, seem to be landing in rooms full of Americans at the moment… they are so funny to listent to though!, always bitching at each other!

Ha!Ha! Brilliant.

Even if it is a parody, there are almost certainly people like that out there. Remember the guy who freaked out about Call Of Duty?