(Video) Cezar falls off at Brands!

This is from a couple of years ago, maybe three years ago. I was on my K1 750 and Cezar was on his K2 1000. It was near freezing in Febuary and even snowed. Cezar got pushed out and took a tumble. Since then, he’s said he doesn’t like the track, I wonder why!

I don’t know why we thought it was a good idea to do this trackday. Winter blues and eagerness I think.

Yes, I remember that! I went back to track and finished the day. That’s not the reason I don’t like Brands you silly, lol. I find it very boring! Dit it so many times and got bored of it

Very brave post Jay!!!

I’m sure the mighty C took it all in his stride LoL and went home and kicked the cats ahahahaha


I think he saw an ice cream van…

Hahaha… Brave no, we’ve both been on the floor, it’s a kind of mutual respect

I was hit before finish the first lap. The guy was on a supermoto and was a twat. Same sort of thing that Happenened to Tasha. Grrrrr

Unlucky Mr. C

He he he he. That’s Supermotos for ya!!

Just wait for the Captn!!! I can hear him coming.

That sucks the first lap!!!