Vid from trackday at Brands yesterday.

“fookin @rsehole” hahahaha

great m8

you took ur time catching me up didn`t ya :D:D

Good run of constant 53’s there fella.

What happened at the end, looks like the front had a slide or was you forced off?

53’s was it? Not bad for freezing, damp minging weather and enough traffic to clog the M25 lol.

I didn’t have a slide, I backed off for the gixxer rider as I saw he was slower so rather than slam it under at surtees went to go around the outside at clearways, left him loads of bloomin room, and he sat up on me like a right twozzock, I slammed him with my shoulder and my fairing and tried to stay tipped in but was slammed upright and onto the grass, managed to hold it, bit of a stoppie on the tiny bit of tarmac, then hopped off onto the mud.

He then tried to instigate a fight with me, he was escorted from my garage by circuit staff, and the fact about 15 blokes were all ready to ‘‘move him on’’ if he had tried anything…and all after I had apologised.

Frogga has some footage of it from behind which I would like to see. JB wack it up here lad.

Did the geezer you slammed come off as well then, or was he just pi55ed that you shoulder barged him?

looks like matey on the Gixxer thou bottled it and pushed you wide, fuggin @rsehole.

Looks like a good day at the office until the end. Thanks for sharing that Seb:)

Where was your camera mounted? Looks really low, almost like you could touch the tarmac on the corners:D

Did you manage to get out again after your excursion mate?

colletts got it in one. only i didn’t want to go grass tracking so turned into him and slammed my arm etc. he went down too.

here you go do you post it so that it comes up with the playable link directly like sebs one (rather than the hyperlink?)

not workin

try it again, its prob just processing

(by the way, the quality hasn’t come out as good from movie maker)

Hahahaha quality.

So who had the camera on the bike JB or Frogga?

“Oh look grass, i wonder what tyres he’s using?”

didn’t ‘onboard footage’ from frogga’s bike in the description not give it away pj :wink:

I thought as much chap but coming from your camera confused me slightly sorry. That and the fact that the noice of the bike didn’t sound like an R1.

Good to hear that you all got away with any serious damage/injury.

Next year i promise i will come and play:D

brill videos - Seb, you were looking great out there!!

JB, why did you follow them? lol

you gona bring the duke along to play???

yup that was my footage i`m affaid to say. target fixation on two numbtys crahing leads to another numbty crashing:P

ooops, ignore my last question

Hopefully bring the Ducati along but hopefully a trackbike will be in the garage to play with by then;)

OMG, that guy needs to go away and seriously think about the following before even thinking of getting back on a bike.

  1. Re evaluate his cornering approach, line and track positioning
  2. Do not decide to just change lines mid corner without considering (someone could be coming round the outside coz im a slow b@stard)
  3. When you have caused a crash, don’t cause those involved to try and kill you by saying “calm down calm down mate”

Seb, chin up mate, im sure you’ll be out there again soon.

that same bloke came down to sebs garage a fronted him. silly move that cause there were plenty of people to back seb(not that he needed backing)

heat of the moment had past and he still wanted to argue. silly silly man