VICTORY over Lambeth Council

I don’t think I posted the original start of this but I’d stopped in Lambeth to adjust my gear at the end of last year. I was stopped for about 1 min on a single yellow at 6:30pm. I didn’t realise that this had loading/unloading restrictions but imagine my surprise when I got a parking ticket!

I appealed it, but they turned this down so I appealed to the adjudicator and Lambeth then decided to see the error of their ways and not offer any defence and cancelled the PCN.

It gets me really mad that I had to spend ages sorting this out when it was obvious from the video that I wasn’t parked or unloading apart from even bothering to read the letters IO sent them.

If you want to read the full thing then there is a link here:

Nice one matey, glad to see that sticking to your guns worked out :slight_smile:

i got one on a red route 1 min b4 the time allowed 1 bloody min! knobbers damn pnc’s yer my mate the car behind got nowt! NABBED!:hehe:

:w00t: just another one for Ur ticket book boy god no wonder ya old man calls you ticket master;) and why you got a l plate on pmfsl u past ur test 7 years ago bro steven still using it?

it was the beer run that cost me 80 pounds! 60 ticket 20 booze yer he does now and then and i can’t be asked to keep taking it off been pulled with them on to and they like wtf :cool: its a good mudgaurd to:P

pmfsl but its a 185cc dan:hehe:

hiding as a 125:)

Good for you mate - it is pain in the butt to fight them but it is so satisfying when you win.

Great that you got off with the ticket, but why moan about the time it took for you having to make representations when the ticket was issued correctly as you were parked, as you could not have been moving to adjust your gear…you parked, adjusted your gear and then moved off. sounds like you were parked even if for a minute…tickets are normally issued correctly but some councils actually give some thought to the appeal…not having a go but you were incorrectly parked causing a 02 offence(parked in a restricted road with waiting/loading/unloading restrictions)…but good for you…i hope all bikers get away with it but dont knock the guys for actually turning up for work and doing their job…cheers matey…sorry about this but used to be a traffic warden and hear that every ticket issued was issued wrong from everyone who gets one…happy and safe riding…joe

Nice one m8! Fair enough you shouldn’t have stopped there, but from what I remember of your case you mentioned you were in pain and had to sort the gear out. Nice to see the council used to common sense!