Victoria Street/ Bressenden Place 21/09/2009 for 8 weeks

This has just come up on the intranet at work:

TFL are warning of likely congestions in the Victoria Street area due to urgent works being undertaken by British Telecom.

BT must demolish and rebuild a large inspection chamber located in the middle of Victoria Street, near Bressenden Place to prevent it collapsing.

TfL has agreed with BT that they works will start on 21 September, and are expected to last up to eight weeks.

It will be necessary for the current right turn from Bressenden Place into Victoria Street to be banned for the duration of the works. It will also be necessary for Victoria Street (westbound) to be reduced to one lane.

TfL have worked with Westminster Council to select suitable diversionary routes for traffic wishing to access Victoria station.

The diversionary routes have been designated as a free through route for the Congestion Charge, and providing motorists keep to these routes they will not incur a congestion charge.

The shortest available diversionary route (via Artillery Way and Rochester Row) is unsuitable for heavy vehicles.

TfL expects that there will be traffic congestion in particular on Victoria Street westbound and on the A302 and Lower Grosvenor Place west of Victoria Station, as well as on Bressendon Place and the diversionary routes.

lthough it will not be necessary to divert buses from their current routeings, we expect some delays to services and are considering diversions to route 507 to minimise the impacts of this. Any diversions to bus services TfL consider will reduce delays to bus passengers will be publicised at affected stops.