Hi all:

Probably it is obvious but I am sure I am not the only one.

I know that you shouldn’t loose both hands off the handle bar, but the other day I notice that I get a really nasty vibration, well I should call it trembling that did scare the sh**t out of me :w00t:

Where shall I start looking for the problem if any?


what bike?

do you get it all the time or at certain speeds?

Sorry it is a Hornet 1998, it happen at low speed. Honestly I didn’t want to try at high speed…in case

try tyre pressure first.Front wheel balancing?

head stock bearings?warped brake disc/s?

ok so you had a propper tank slapper?

It could be a lot of things as indicated above - but it’s worth bearing in mind that the 1998 Hornet came equipped with a 16 inch front wheel which some people complained made the front end a bit twitchy - so Honda changed the spec on later bikes to a 17 inch front wheel which made the front feel more stable and predictable. I have a 98 Hornet and have had the front wheel twitch/shake the bars under acceleration or going over bumps - more so than other bikes I have ridden.

thank u all, I will chek all the things mentioned above, and I will let u know.