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Hi All,

New member wishing you all well. plus a quick note to let you know that I have just renewed my insurance policy. I was with ramasis insurance but have found a company doing the same cover as ramasis but £120 cheeper (on my policy). Motorcycle direct (in association with Black Horse finance) their quote number is: 08702 642323 with discount reference number of 4800. I’m not advertising, just informing anyone who wants to know… Safe riding guys… Have fun… VFRdude… Oh and here’s a vitual fiver…buy yourself a virtual drink on me… lol

Hey fella, welcome to LB! Thanks for the tip. Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures forum for us eh!

Hello and welcome to LB mate. I shall have my virtual drink, that leaves all of 50p for the rest of them.

welcome, mine’s a Pina Colada!

Hey there,

And welcome to LB

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and can I have a hot chocolate pleeasse…

Hey there, welcome to LB matey…see ya down the road maybe at Cubana, Blackheath or on one of the many rideouts…


Welcome, welcome pull up a chair & enjoy LB

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