VFR800 Old Vs New

Hi All,

Hard at work I noticed that according to the internet the new VFR 800 is heavier and less powerful than the outgoing model, anyone able to explain…?



EU emissions standards


Based on the links you posted:

New one is 239 Kg & 77.9Kw

Old was 240 Kg & 78KW - 104BHP is actually 77.55Kw http://www.rapidtables.com/convert/power/bhp-to-kw.htm#how

So basically no difference.

Although these are manufacturer/Wiki figures, so should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Think I might have misread dry weight vs wet.

Still, not much of an improvement, and the outgoing model looks better, I even prefer the under seat exhausts, but that’s just me…

Somehow Honda have managed to make the new VFR more boring than the last one. I thought the outgoing model was actually a quite good looking bike, the new one though, is dull as.

The styling is definitely a retrograde step, the old one looked cool with its angular lines and massive headlights. It’s a shame they’ve still got the pointless VTEC system on it as well - if it’s such a good idea why isn’t it on any other Honda motorcycle?