VFR400 NC30 E reg ...the Rabbit

Right, the Rabbit is up for sale.

F reg.

80,566km on the odeometer… but I don’t think this is the correct mileage because going by the MOT certificates it does a massive jump in one year, leading one to believe they changed the clock.

Tax: 08 12

MOT: Sept 2012

I have all the receipts from all the work I’ve had done on her.

The bad bits:

She has an oil leak. I think its coming from the clutch leaver shaft - I think the oil seal is gone.

She has a coolent leak. I believe it’s coming from the copper washer on the drain bolt.

There is a problem with the clutch. As you will see from the paperwork, there have been new plates fitted, and new springs, but still there is a bit of drag when she gets hot. There has been a lot of talk about getting a replacement clutch basket, but I don’t have the heart to get it all fixed.

There is scratching on the right side of the faring/right mirror because some nobber knocked me over whilst I was standing at a petrol station and he reversed into me.

Missing lock for the rear seat - have to open it with your finger

The good bits:

Last year I took her to be rebuilt. The resulting mods were-

2 new fork stanchions, fork rebuild and spray

Changed the rear wheel for a Honda NC36 rear wheel, so instead of the 18" rear wheel, she has a 17" rear wheel - more choice of tyres, with a wheel conversion hub.

New (or practically new) Michelin Pilot Road2 tyres.

…and to adjust for the lost inch on the wheel… a NTR sport shock.

Tyga downpipes (with the Evo Blue Flame exhaust that came with her in the first place)

Shims replaced.

Race radiators (both of them) from Jap4Performance.

Bike was reprayed - (but I’ve mentioned the damage :doze: )

Re-covered seats.

New cluch friction/metal plates, springs, nut etc.

New Choke and speedo cable

The bit I can’t decide whether is good or bad:

She has a race fuel cap. It’s because Pole Position couldn’t be bothered to ask me if I had the key for the original one, and just bashed it out and replaced it with that. (wtf??) anyway… it’s great because it doen’t need a key, and it’s terrible because it doesn’t need a key… BUT… you can always replace it with the lock for the pillion seat at the same time.

Reason for sale and asking price:

I’m selling her because I would like a Duke Monster.

Asking price would be £1800 and no less. I know this seems expensive for a bike that you will need to fix yourself or take to a shop but that only covers what I spent on the rear wheel conversion, the shock, the race radiators and the Tyga system…

She would make a fantastic track bike… she is a labour of love, being a 23 year old bike, but an absolute classic and a head turner for sure.



Think you’re undervaluing it! Think about how much you paid for the bike too and the fuel you had to put into it and all the wear and tear.

Noooooo. You had so much fun with the rabbit. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

You might get half that price if you’re lucky…

Surely it’s more valuable to to anyway. Hang on to it and get it all up and running again? And get some clocks that show a lower mileage :wink:

Nobody will actually pay what I paid for the re-build alone… £5k with the labour and other parts, respray etc… that is what you get for taking it to a cowboy outfit!

PS, there’s a new battery and heated grips involved too, lol.

If nobody is interested, I’ll just hang on and cycle till I’ve saved up for a new clutch basket and a couple of oil seals, fix her and sell her for closer to what she’s actually worth.

I guess I have given up on restoring her to the former beauty… I took her to Pole Position originally for a clutch rebuild to sort the drag problem. They put in EBC friction plates and did not sort out the drag problem. I barely rode her from Oct. '10 through to May '11 because of the clutch.

My Aunt passed away a few years ago, and left me some cash. I decided I would do all of those bits on the Rabbit that I’d been promising myself. So… went back to afore mentioned bike shop, and asked them to rebuild the clutch with genuine honda plates, replace the radiators, and the thermostat, the shock, the rear wheel, the cables, the spray job, the downpipes (which involved re-welding the exhaust outlets cos they were so rusty), do the forks because the seals were constantly going due to the pitted stanchions… yadda yadda yadda…

Left her with them in May, and did not get her back until Sept… after much stress… and the clucth was dragging before I even got home on the ride back!! GRRRRR… Anyway, took her back for a couple of things, like the electrics completely cutting out whilst riding, and the clutch got adjusted again. Fine. For a week. And then the clutch was slipping because the adjustment was too far the other way… another winter of not riding came and went… when leaving their shop, they told me ‘come back with any problems, if you take the bike else where, other mechanics will tell you rubbish about the bike. We know the bike…’ I will never go back there again, ever.

Anyway, I took her to FWR for new plates last month, and when they opened up the clutch they showed me that the springs were nowhere near as new as they should have been for in effect 2 weeks riding… they were navy blue, scored and so warped they didn’t even sit on each other properly! Not what you’d expect from so-called ‘new springs’. Not to mention the clutch nut was never replaced… So they replaced all of the plates, friction and metal, they replaced the springs and the lock nut.

I have got the clutch adjusted to the point where there’s no drag now (phew) but I still need to get a new basket, and now a couple of oil seals for that leak (grrr). I found the parts Here… but can I be bothered? …I got reversed into by a cager less than 24hrs after FWR fixing her, and to be honest, I’ve lost heart. Seriously.

If I had not thought that trying to make her as good as new was a good idea, I would have bought a monster. And now I have run out of steam, and would like to buy a monster. I love that VFR to bits, but a year of crappy mechanics and waiting all that time, all for the original problem to still be there has gotten to me.

Sounds like a nightmare to me…sometimes you have to cut your losses and run. Goodluck either way.

What’s the point of the clock swap? Surely the MOT certs will give it away?

The new parts alone would get more than my asking price if I broke her for spares. Which would physically make me sick if I had to do. Which I don’t, because I’m not desperate.

sorry to hear you ploughed a load of money into it… but why, for the love of god didn’t you make them sort it?

From what I can work out - you paid them to put clutch plates in as it was dragging. Then you paid them again to put genuine honda one’s in and to sort the problem. Paid them over £5k for cosmetic stuff and they didn’t sort the clutch out?

You can’t let a company get away with being that crap I’m afraid

When you’re faced with someone who tends to shout down the phone rather than talk, and the job goes from a 3 week quote to a 4 month stretch, and every time you go there the dog growls at you, and you get the bike back 3 times for a day, with a week back at the shop… I’d rather just get the f* out of there tbh. I think it’s coz I iz a girl tbh… they were much more ‘normal’ when talking to my parter. I’d rather just have the bike back and do the work myself, and learn from the whole sorry episode than deal with the stress.

Sorry, I didn’t fully read your original post

Sounds like those cowboys at Pole Position really mugged you off… I’ve heard nothing but bad things about them to be honest

could be worth taking the bike back there, perhaps with another LBer or two, and explain to them you’re not happy with what they’ve done. Smashing out your fuel filler and replacing it for no real reason is bloody ridiculous.

I hope you get things sorted. Could be worth breaking for parts as you say. If you can be bothered with all the ebay malarky.

From a legal point of view, because I went to FWR, Pole Position have been ‘relieved’ shall we say, of responsibility now. Perhapse I should have organised an LB ride-out… but you know, karma has a way of biting people on their asses.

Not intending to go down the fleabay route - but ta for your advise.

@ Mole - If you can get FWR to put what they told you in writing and go to another garage who will say the same, if not a similar thing then that sounds like a pretty strong court case to me. But I’m not your man in regards to that. Kaos is the man.

Also, being a commercial premises once you’ve won in court if they don’t pay out just send the bailiffs in.

I would say if you want to eventually get it sorted, get it to OMC and get it done properly yourself with Matt’s expert advice. Obviously the fact that he has one of these means he knows the bike inside out. Oh and I’ve seen and heard his, it’s the dog testicles… :smiley: :slight_smile:

I would say keep it as you’re not going to get that sort of money unfortunately and then slowly slowly get it down at OMC and get things fixed :slight_smile:

My advice is, don’t sell. Put it in mothballs, get your newbike, and then when you have time on rainy days fix up the 400 and renew thatlove affair again years later when it is all restored. You also find you got a classic bike too.

Having met you and your bike Mole, I would also vote for keeping her, she is a pretty bike and most people I know who sell their VFR’s go and buy another one a year or two down the line, so if you can afford it and have a place to keep it, what harm would it do and that way you already have the next bike you will probably buy after the one you are looking at now.


Meh… I feel like the Terminator when he is programmed to kill John Connor, but decides not to and heads into an imploding mess by the helicopter… lol…

Ok. Thank you all for your advise. I think I will keep her, and get the parts and fix her myself. I think Bob is right, I probably would end up buying another one a couple of years down the line. (cue Mr Mole banging his head on the wall saying ‘that’s what I said’ lol)

Yaaay :-). Keep the rabbit, you will get loads of enjoyment out of her once you finally get it all fixed!

Glad to hear you are thinking of keeping the rabbit and if you dont have to sell it then dont. Go get your monster and on those rainy days get the rabbit sorted bit by bit.

I know what its like to have a 400 that needs a bit of tlc that you dont want to get rid of :wink:


Honestly, people say my bike is very clean and yet I know it was over a year ago but I couldnt sell her for 1250 then! :w00t:

So the love and enjoyment u will eventually have when she’s running well far outways the sale of it.

Take it to the OMC, it is the ONLY place where you will have true expert knowledge on the bike from Matt and he loves them too so you will get good advice/work on it.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else…