Vfr1200f 2010 fronts break pads

Am i right im thinking that the front break pads for this bike are 4 pads per disc 2 large pads and 2 small. Also meaning that their are left and right sides with these pads.

Yes you are correct in that there are 4 pads per calliper, so 8 in total for a front pad change. I recently changed mine. The small pads from what I remember are left and right handed in that they are not symmetrical about their centre line, but from what I recall the big ones the orientation didn’t matter.

It’s difficult to get wrong though as it’ll be clear when you are putting them together

Thanks i will order them now

Is yours a dct model or standard. Was wondering of the smaller pad was the parking brake.

Mine is a standard, the reason for the 4 pads per calliper is because there are 6 pistons. 6 pistons over 4 in the real world can be less powerful, I had 6 piston callipers on an old gsxr SRAD. I think the hyabusa was the same. This was because they had two pads shared between the 6 pistons. Over time, if the pistons didn’t extend and retract at the same rate, your actual points of contact may have been 2 or 3 pistons and the brakes were pretty crap. So, Honda opted for this design such that even if the pistons move at different rates, you’ve effectively got a normal 4 piston brake plus a 2 piston brake which under hard braking should add up to stronger brakes, even accounting for uneven movement.

It may also be an advantage with their linked brake design. I heard rumour of the back brake also operating the front brake on the inside pistons only. I have no idea if this is true or if it could even work.

As for DCT parking brake, I don’t think this will be part of the hydraulic brakes. At a guess, I would say it just puts the bike in 1st gear - at least that’s what I’d do if I were designing it and call it done. No idea though

Common mod for busa’s was swapping the 6-pots for 4-pots, I think from a ZX6

All done nearly forgot to pump my brakes when i went to teat them out

You’ve got away lightly if the brakes don’t now bind… mine did. Common problem on the 7th gen apparently

I used plenty off brake cleaner. I bought honda brakes for £72 from motoden, i got a discount for not purchasing through ebay. i think that is quite a good price.