VFR Riders

well LB are there any other VFR riders round?

They’ll be along soon :slight_smile:

Did you mean any size in particular?


me too ive 750 1996 (i like it)

i have a vfr400

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Well size don’t matter I got a 800 VTEC but it is great to see early model 400 and 750’s too

I’m a VTEC rider. Bought mine new in march 2005



me too!

I’ve got a baby (400) one too :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 97 750. Superb bike.

JUST INCASE Had a battery drain issue on my 19plate VFR - they couldn’t believe it HONDA that is - the drain was affecting the alarm - it would go off when just standing there the -drain was affecting the starter - constantly on trickle charge, the drain was affecting the warning lights on engine management
I started looking at a Kawasaki and Honda discovered the issue - Regulator rectifier was backward draining - now YOU know IF you have the same issues

That’s some thread ressurection

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tat just goes to show you it is not only Jesus

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