vfr 400 nc30

Ive just sold my bike and going to look at nc30 in about an hour, the bike is in Uxbridge would please some one who possesses one or know about them would came with me to check it please i am hopping to be there at about 8:30.

i dont want to buy a bike and then have to fix it for ever…

well, I know a bit how to judge at a used bike…but i dont live in Uxbridge…:w00t:

that’s alright Ive brought it £1200

now i just need to get the license :cool:

congrats, get ur license and show it to us

Congrats, ur gonna love it!! :slight_smile:

thank you guys

Great bike, as long as it’s not a lemon, did you get someone to give it the once over for you? Have a look at http://www.400greybike.com/forum/index.php there’s more help and informed knowledge there than you can shake a very large stick at :wink:

Good luck with the test :slight_smile:


Thats funny, I sold mine last night too :stuck_out_tongue:

last night was probably a good night for VFR lol

no one gave an opinion on it the bike, needs some work to be done but as soon as Ive drove it around i loved it :rolleyes:

Mate, I PM’d you but didn’t hear back!!

Great u got it now though! Get in touch with Matt Liddy, he’s ur man! :slight_smile:

so wheres the bike-porn :crazy:


i didint get your message :crazy:

let me cleane it first it does not look that good ( at the moment ) :stuck_out_tongue:

i like em dirty

lol ok ill see if im not too busy ill take some today :wink:

my new old bike :smiley:




u dont like it?

i think you should have gone for a 1988 Bros 400 instead, infact i have one, wanna swap? :stuck_out_tongue: