Vespa PX125 - cheap

My mate is moving back to Italy and the buyer for his black Vespa PX125 has let him down.
He’s leaving on Friday, so needs a quick sale.
Don’t know the exact details, but it’s a disk model and it’s on an Italian plate at the moment (so will need registering with the DVLA etc). As he needs a quick sale, he’s letting it go for £500, no offers.
If it doesn’t go, I’ll buy it as a commuter or sell it on Ebay and make some cash (there’s a “non-runner” on there atm with 13 bits up to £800).
If you’re interested, send me a PM and I’ll pass you my friends details.
Can be viewed in SE13.

very intrested send me info n pic away for bank holiday . im back mon night . you got v5 ect


Erm… His mate left 2 years ago. I think you missed the boat…:smiley:

And he register only for that purpose…