Vespa GT200 2004 ULEZ OK - on ebay - no reserve

Vespa GT200 2004

The Good

  • Low mileage around 16,000 miles (speed shows KM) Never stolen / recovered
  • Top case/Tall screen
  • Aftermarket exhaust
  • New battery
  • MOT just done
  • ULEZ Compliant: Bike is into the database - I have the letter confirming. Based on EU certificate.
  • No rust on panels

The Bad:

  • Dents on panels thanks to douchebags parking in London: look at pictures I hope that they are clear enough. Ask for more if needed.

What does “Clock HS (battery out I believe)” mean in plain English

The clock is blank and I think that this clock is battery operated like a watch.

Common problem on Piaggios. My partner’s 2009 125 is the same. I think it is more than just a replacement battery, their LCD displays fail and are a bit of a faff to change. Basically forget the clock and look at your wrist.

True. I’ve had this scoot since 2007 and the clock packed in probably the year after … It’s irrelevant indeed. My main victory was to get this bloody letter for ULEZ :slight_smile:

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ULEZ exemption is very important especially with the zone being extended out as far as the North & South Circular Roads as of October 2021. Was your exemption based on Euro3 compliance or the <0.15g/km NoX loop hole?

What documentation did you have to supply to Tfl, Certificate of Conformity, V5 registration document or something else?,

Exactly right - Had to pay Piaggio EUR 90 from memory to get the certificate of conformity then its about getting London to update the database. I had a lot of outstanding tickets that all got cancelled.

The system works I’m not getting any more.

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Still for sale!

And again


To a nice East London chap.