Vespa for sale

:crying: I am sadly having to part with my beloved white 05 Vespa LX 125 as I just can’t justify keeping two bikes when I can only ride one at a time! If anyone on here is interested pm me or have a look on ebay. It has no known faults and is in pretty nice condition for the year.

:unsure: I’m feeling for you, I received my LX on Wednesday and 'tis super.

I have never ridden one - I used to ride the larger GT - but I know the LX Vespas have a great reputation.


They are the replacement of the ET’s and are great bikes all round! :slight_smile:

Vespa Sold!!:):frowning:

Had my last wet ride on the Vespa this morning delivering it to the new lucky owner. Gosh it was so EASY to ride compared to the bike and so nippy through the traffic. What have I done!! No must think positive…think of the money…yes the money. Sad to see it go but I also had a certain pride in handing over the keys knowing that I’d looked after it well and thankfully never came off it or dropped it in three years of commuting. The new owner was made up- she even decided to ‘christen’ it ‘Lemmy’ on the spot- that’s girls for you:) Hope she enjoys it as much as I have.