Very small barrel and piston


Moped ?

awww you take your bike to bed with you, thats even worse than arnie :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

even smaller

Nope its a 650cc piston :smiley:

For us thick, old and tired, can you explain please?

I was saying the piston in the pics is very small, but im taking the **** because its a 650 single and its very big :smiley:

get it now?

The long winter evenings must just fly by in your house ;):smiley:

Sorry, the subtlety passed me by.

Out of interest, what 650? Obviously a single, or one of those odd twins or multi’s that use completely separate barrels, looks like an overhead cam, looks liquid cooled.

That’s narrowed it to, what, 100 different engines.

So which?

WTF ??? Maybe if you put something beside it a a reference more of us might have understood the reason for the post…Do you get out much?:D:D

Why dont you **** off :smiley:

Honda dominator, and its air cooled, not liquid cooled.


now this is a small piston … & V8 head …and the engine too

Your fabulous education races to the fore once again…:D:D.:wink: