Very random





I assumed at the time that someone attempted to steal it, but got put off…It must have just happened though, and I didnt see anybody around.
Cant think of any other reason why it would be plonked in the middle of the road.


I’m guessing that’s Berkeley Square and someone either hasn’t put the handbrake on when they parked it or someone has moved out of the bay if it that square so they can park or were blocked in.


Your right it is Berkeley Square.
I had to park on the north side of it yesterday as I was late and it was the only place with any space.
Absolute carnage up there!


To be fair I’ve done that before a scooter rider pushed his bike in-between my bike and another I could not get my bike out as it was resting on mine. So I calmly pulled his/hers bike out and left it in the road jumped on mine and rode off.