Very quiet

Pretty quiet in this section… Where have all the cool kids gone?

Soon as i get some new tyres i can get me bike mot’d and i’ll be back out on the lanes :smiley:

I dunno where the “Cool Kids” are? But I am here!:smiley:

As soon as I get some new ligaments, I might join’ya!:w00t:

Hows that leg going? Any closer to gettin 90 degree movement?

I doubt 90 degrees would be much of a prob at all, it just really pulls on the two cruciate ligaments . The only reason they not let the leg brace out that far is cause they want the ligaments to heal some? I think when I have to put weight on it I’ll be grizzling like a lil’baby!:unsure:

But until then, my cup is still half full!:cool:

I just been checking sh1t out on the web. Looks kinds trick in a knee!:cool:




you can have my continental attack f.o.c if you want? warn but still got a few rides lefty in it:)

not getting out sunday gone has made this week drag loads:crazy:

Not been enjoying much of the riding in the last couple of weeks, bike’s all over the place in the morning comutes. Still, beats the train, tried that on Monday and won’t be making that mistake again for a while :wink:

I think I may replace the front Diablo for one of those Avon ProXtreme road legal wets. Anybody tried them?

Oh, and for the cool kids, I can’t see them around on the road anymore either, they must all be busy pampering their trick bikes :stuck_out_tongue:

On one of the websites folk were singing about’em. Not tried’em me’sen tho?

yep hust fitted carbon side panels & going to get these next:D



May get a set of those avons myself. Cheers for the offer MD but i wana get some wets for this time of year.

Whens the next cadwell?

They look trick, wat make are they? Ya need to get your forks Ti-nitride coated for the poerformance factor… well for the bling factor but performance makes it sound more worth while :smiley:

PXR fronts are the nuts - can’t be beat for grip, can be used all year and in all weathers (wouldn’t recommend for track use except for cold and/or wet conditions - spot on for the Feb track day at Lydd tho). Also good for at least 4K miles.

PXR rears are a different proposition entirely - strictly a wet weather tyre, excellent grip but only last 5 minutes - you’d be lucky to get 500 miles of exclusive wet weather use, more like 300 in the dry. And they ain’t cheap. I was always a fan of Avon Distanzia rear - they look a bit agricultural (but I quite like that) but performance isn’t far off that of the PXR and you can get more than 2K miles out of one.

(If anyone’s interested in what these tyres look like they are on my bike in the “has anyone seen this bike?” link in my sig.)


I’ll give the ProXtreme a try on the front. FWR have them in stock and they quoted £100 for the front including fitting. does that sound about right?

I hear good things about the Distanzias, but apparently nobody is getting hold of stock at the moment.
I think I’ll stick to the Diablo for the rear anyway. It’s fairly new and quite durable. this bike is my daily ride, so a new rear tyre every 2k miles is a bit much.

FWR seem to be pretty competitive and £100 is probably about right - may get them cheaper elsewhere but not by much I wouldn’t have thought.

SM variant Distanzias seem to have become a bit of a rarity, nobody local has had stock for months. Found this tho …

They also have 150/60/17 if that’s what your bike needs. But if you’re happy with the Diablo you may as well stick, or should I say slide, with that.

given my moto was nicked, i didnt think id be allowed :crying:

Di you guys get out today? I need some cake from FF! Next week?:wink:

just me, billy & steve out today:)

roll on dry weather, then the fun can begin:cool:

Roll on Sneaky getting his leg sorted and me getting my bike back on the road then the fun will realy begin…

Oh yeah and roll on me getting permission for you boys to come and play on the airfield… mega fun :smiley:

roll on track days:D

there swafham sunday and lydd in a few weeks after but there proper moto tracks so doubt you lot will be there;) gays :smiley: