(Very old) Windows repair installation

Hello hello :slight_smile:

does somebody happen to have (in the attic…) a Win 98 CD…?

I know it’s an old stuff, but I thought before I look for it on EBay I will ask you, as there are few IT guys over here…

Just making an attempt to repair an old laptop and retrieve some files…

Thank you,


why don’t you just connect the HDD to anothe pc and drag them across?

I think I have a 98 CD somewhere but I will no garuntee I can find it but think the above will be your best bet.

I wouldn’t have bothered you if that was possible… :)Thank you Sleeper.

if memory serve’s me correctly (it been a while since I used 98) there was not a repair function on there, and if there was I would imagine it will be shite…

is there a reason it cannot be added to another pc?

The reason is I’m not in possession of anything compatible. It’s an old laptop.I have to try anyway before I give up on it…

your welcome to come round my gaff mate I have a bucket load of old cables and bits which I can try if you like.

Thank you, I have plenty of cables as well :slight_smile: but its doesn’t help if you don’t have a laptop which is suitable for a specific hdd… If you could let me know whether you have the installation CD, I would be grateful …

You’ll need a 44pin (laptop drive) adaptor. Best thing to do is grab one of these:


take the hard drive out of the laptop and slap it in, and then simply plug and play on any Windows 2000 or above machine.

Thank you, that will be the plan B then :slight_smile: (I need the machine itself to work too hence the hussle with a CD…)

All you need to boot Win 98 is here -


Unless it’s one of the old Sonys with the peculiar interface. I’d not be surprised if other people had silly ones, too.

It would have been a 1.8" drive with a micro connector or zif cable. In which case they are a pain in the arse.

Thank you… If I only could burn CDs…

Toshiba Qosmio…

I’ll bring over a linux live boot CD soon and we’ll get the files off using that

Three times an angel…

ive got one…:smiley:


Thank you Smiled :slight_smile: I will keep it in mind :)Warm Monday hug :)y.

Yolaah, he doesn’t mean a Windows '98 disc.

If you meet him, pack pepper spray :smiley:


Yolaah, he doesn’t mean a Windows '98 disc.

If you meet him, pack pepper spray :smiley:

…? :slight_smile:

If you say so… :slight_smile: