Very new girl to the world of biking

Hi all!

I am completely new to the world of biking…
I have just bought my first bike a Hyosung GT125R and she is pretty!!
Went out for a little ride (first time in London) the other day and got quite excited.
My friends up in the west Midlands got me into bikes and I absolutely love it. Been riding up there for a while and have gotten quite used to country roads.

However they live very far away and I am looking to meet some new people with the same interests who can teach me the ways of the bike

I live in SE London so any good routes for a beginner would be a bonus!



Hiya, welcome to LB where about do you live? im in sw london… always up for a bike ride.

Hi and welcome to LB! I also live in SW London (Streatham), always up for a bikeride somewhere too!

Hi and welcome,

get yourself over to BM on a wednesday and say hello [ its in se london ]

I still havent made it to BM…

WELCOME one newbe to another

will and get down next week to BM i’m away with work this week…

I live just off the A20 Sidcup by pass… (New Eltham)

will post pics of my bike when i get home…

thanks for the welcome!!

hey how you doing some nice roads not to far from you. Welcome to LB and nice bike I know someone with one of those very nice…

hello and welcome

as soon as me arms out of this cast i shall be back out on the bike!!!

always up 4 blast

i`m also located in the s/e (crystal palace area)



welcome to our world,sorry mean lb

So all, I need nice roads to ride on…

going out tonight and just need some ideas where to go and roads that are fun!

Also just like to say I love me bike! surprised its taken me this long to discover it

hello and welcome

Hello and welcome almost right next door to us, and I’m from the west midlands too

Hi and welcome to the club !!

Welcome to LB, you’re not that far from me as I’m in Greenwich, if you ever want to ride to BM together drop me a line, although tonight will be the first time for me on the bike so I’m bound to go the wrong way! lol

Hey guys!

just before i tuck myself into bed! just wanted to say a big thank u to all who i managed to say hi to tonight at BM… made me feel very welcome!

and next time i’m make sure I say hi to all!! (a bit daughting the 1st time round)

PompeyTim - anytime u wanna go for a ride let me know! haven’t master into London just let so outta london i’m there!

big ta to john! who chatted to me the whole night!