Very nearly

On my way home from cubana it very nearly ended in tears. was overtaking stationary traffic on the embankment on the right hand side just over the white lines when some matey in merc wanted to turn right he indicated and turned at the same time but saw me in the last second i just missed him managing to swerve out the way, Adam h will vouch for how close it was…

be careful ladies and gents you never know whats gonna happen in the next unfolding seconds… its a jungle out there

You’re not the only one that had some fun on the way home :wink:

That’s always a scary one. Bet your pants feel tight now, eh mate? Glad you and the bannana are okay! Did Merc-man get an earful?

You should have smashed his mirror off. No point in havin it if he don’t use it!!!

Mind you that’s what the copper said to me this evening!!!


Very close call and am glad you made it home in one piece with the Bumblebee

Close call’s not the words i dont think! the muppet in the merc was gonna pull a U turn cos there was no turning on the right! he just couldn’t be arsed waiting in the traffic!

he just went to turn without looking! flats arse went! my arse went and i’m damn sure the merc drivers arse went!

very close indeed but all is ok!

phew, well done for avoiding that one - those u turners are the worst!

I ALLWAYS imagine that car drivers are gonna do something stupud that way I am prepared for it. I have pursued TOO many claims for riders just like this, I agree if they are not gonna use the mirrors then take em off. But, this is a shoulder glance issue and something car drivers do not do.

wot a relief ya got by without the nasty bit happenin.

would hate to see ya hurt n that gorgeous bike harmed.

Flatster, the minimum he should get is his wing mirror ripped off and the max is a boot in the side door leaving a nice dent. Glad you’re OK mate, take it steady.

Those ass clenching moments… I hate them… Glad nothing happend to you… After that stupid woman running out infront of Jay last year, I expect anything to happen!

Stay safe You All…

glad you’re OK. The worst offenders on the road for doing unsignalled u-turns or just driving very badly are silver BMW and Mercs. They’re also the culprits on the A13 for not giving enough room for bikes to filter through. Sorry to anyone on here who drives these types of vehicle, but it’s just what I seem to encounter every morning!

Am glad you’re ok mate

Glad you are ok man

Thank God he didn’t follow through with the manouvre! My other half got knocked off on Saturday by an idiot in a Merc. He was riding in the middle lane (not filtering) and the fast lane stopped. Idiot Merc driver shot into the middle lane, and into the side of his bike, which caused him to hit another car. The driver of the car he hit helped him pick his bike up, along with some scooter boys. The Merc driver sat in the car and waited until his motorcycle was out of his path and drove away. Bastard! Dodgy plates, as well, so there goes the insurance. Thank God the bike was the only thing damaged…a lucky escape!

thanks for your concerns, but i had no time to cause dents or remove mirrors, i had utilise my energys into lightning reactions to avoid the prick although i must take some blame, but there was no need for him to pull out like that or as quick, lesson learned without the expense…

Sometimes these little ‘Jesus Christ that could have been nasty!’ moments are a good wake up call and sharpen your attention a bit. I know I slip into complacent mode now and again, a little ‘moment’ certainly fires up the senses.

Phew! close shave so cross one off Si.

Oh, did you swear at him perchance? LoL I hate to imagine to torrent…

i called him more than a blighter i can tell ya hey andrew was that you i saw today getting on the north circ at brent cross about half two on your trumpet???