Very Last Minute Drinks

If anyone would like to meet up for drinks, nibbles or something more substantial, a very small and select group will be at Leicester Square Station (Covent garden or Wyndham Theatre side) at 6:30pm

Not sure on where we will be going :hehe: but often when no plans are made, it turns out to be a good night :smiley:

I will be in trainers, so for those finishing work and not in smart attire, it doesn’t matter, equally those who are, it wont matter.

I think the 4 of us meeting will all be on foot, with bikes tucked up at home for the night.

So if you want to gamble a free night see you there?

And yes there is a reason why I don’t usually volunteer to organise social events :w00t:

I will have the mobile internet on so post up if your coming so i can tell you were we are heading.

Thanks D, nivag, Saj, me groovy and Wee Frenchie!

Cool night.