Very cheap stuff?


I was browsing around the interwebs looking for a decent tank bag and I found this shop on ebay offering what it seems to me a lot of discount on a lot of items.

Since I have a very cynical nature, I’m already thinking that this might be fakes. My question, anyone has any experience buying from them? Do they look like fakes to you?

I know they seem to have a good rating… but still…

Also is a 38L tank bag way to bulky? I’m looking to use it for weekend trips mainly

Cheers and thank you!

Never dealt with them. The only thing I can say is it does look a bit different from the one on the official website, but could easily be an older model.

page 28:

Oxford are **** anyways so a good chance a fake could be better quality .

Wow 38L ???
You know you’ll be riding as a pillion, don’t ya? :hehe:


If you want luggage that big consider a tail pack.

Tail pack is the way to go. I’ve 3 Baglux tank bags, and with the exception of the smallest one, the Tweety, they do compromise a sporty riding style. However, if you’re upright they’re fine. Very stable and secure due to their mannor of attaching to the obligatory tank cover.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the answers, much appreciated from a newbie!

He’s sold 166 of them & the only bad feedback he has is for something that didn’t turn up or turned up late, my guess would be they are as described :slight_smile: