venue on weds...

right guys…first of all ide just lke to say that i have noticed that amount of ppl that are attending the weds meeets to the cubana are falling…

the winter weather is closing in fast and i got to thinking about when we first started the cubana…i remember it was cold…wet…and still dark at 5 o’clock so a bit like the weather is now…so whats happening?..

i realise that ppl have commitments…(hell i had to work most weds but still managed to grab ahold of straglers at the end and it was really worth it)…

wednsday nights is somthing i really look forward too…it breaks up that mundaene week and when we first started,that entire carpark was jammed!!!

its just a crying shame …the venue is pretty central…easy to get too and has a carpark only just big enough to get us all in on a good day…

is it a bigger carpark your after?

is it an easier location your after?

your thoughts please…


Err, M9 put out something similar a while back?…no comment!

ohh bugger…nice one smiled…doh!!!

good one smiled.

I have a decent bike-related excuse.
Read the article son Back to School. Its Wednesday night unfortunately…sorry Smiled.
I’m trying to get Macp and Matt to come currying with me after class (9:30) which could include us all meeting up after Cubana…but keep coming up with excuses for why they can’t so I may come up and join you withthe stragglers at the end of the night mate.

i can always count on you tobs


would love top go regular on weds nights, only been 3 times, but i live in rochester, so its fair way for me to go, and have to be up at 3am for work

Oooo listen to him - all bitter and twisted!!!

I said I’d be there next week! Keep your sideburns on!!!

can I invite myself to that curry, seeing as Toby-Kinobi did actually invite me then not bother again?

Or is it scholars only?

No no Slackers are more than welcome too!

clicky crowd, is their room for newbies in the carpark?

Of course!!!


Of course there is, many LB’ers turned up at Cubana as a newbie not knowing anyone, myself included.

Best advise, turn up, get yourself a drink and then just walk up to any one of us and say Hi.

you need a new job…

I’ll go whenever I can, except when I am shagged (that happens so rarely I must take full advantage)

Personally I didn’t go the other night cos I’d been to Brands the day before which ended up around 115miles. Had a chat with a few LB faces, which was nice. Add to that the weekend trip to Portsmouth and the extended trip home via half of West Sussex, another 200 odd miles, plus the dayly commute to work I have been racking up quite a few miles recently. I’m not one of these people that is going to give it up when it gets a bit cold and wet in the winter either. It is about 60 miles there and back for me so I decided to save half a tank of petrol money. Today I didn’t ride at all, even though sun was out didn’t feel like taking them out, it was quite nice actually. Instead I had to replace the radiator in my car then took it out for a little drive. Ah the joys of owning three vehicles

well i agree with Shane, wed nights are really nice, ive only missed 2 nights this year so far since ive joined, and it is a damn shame that we dont make more of an effort to get there, however i can understand that we all have other things on.

Lets hope we get together a bit more when we move places for the winter!

Did I miss something? Is it going to come to an end for certain??? I just thought there would be a hard core go all year and it would pick up again in the spring.

A suggestion: keep Wednesdays for the ‘hard core’, then have more local meets in the four corners for the wimps among us on a Tuesday or a Thursday. That would, of course, need suggestions for where the Norf Lundun, sahf Landan, west London and east Lahndan lots would meet, but judging by recent threads there won’t be a shortage. (Us ‘out of towners’ might suffer a bit but tough, we’ll just have to get to the nearest.)

And of course there’s the monthly newbie meet at Ace where everyone’s welcome…

All I can say is another one bites the dust oh well move on that seems to be the gen way Yes I only went a couple of time with work comitments and other things.

The ideal place the service would be top quality the drinks would cost 1p and it would be near to all!!! Oh and I forgot the sun would shine all year round

Ok I am dreaming in real terms not gonna happen unless ya stay at home

All to many times bike meets just fade away through lack of support. And yes I do understand about commitments apart from riding the bike.

Erm yes well I gotta say that riding in from the wilds of Bucks is not a pleasant one at rush hour so that tends to put me off. This week I wasn’t working Wed but it rained so went for beers instead.

Oh and bikes been off the road for a bit too, which hasn’t helped.

These sound like excuses - sorry…