Venom Race Cans

Anyone own or owned Venom Race Cans?

I’ve got the chance of a bargain pair for my Firestorm Project.

They are/were made by Motad so quality should be OK.

I wanna “Shorty” them anyway;)

So what do we recon?



Do you have neighbours? I believe a mate of mine had some on a VTR1000 sp1, and they were so noisy he set car alarms off when he rode past, and when he used to take the bike to work on an early summer morning he used to wheel the bike a couple of hundred yards down the road so the neighbours didn’t get too annoyed (one of whom was a bike cop…) :DI don’t think he had any issues with them though…

i just fitted new venoms on my kwaker

they not race cans but sound quite nice

i have baffers in so its not too loud but they have this nice deep tone that we all like :slight_smile:

You’ve not heard the Scorpions on my TLR then? ;):D:D

F**k the neighbours:cool::D:D