venhill braided lines

anyone heard of this brand? set of lines for my VFR comes in at half the price of goodridge ones.

ive been trying to upload some pics, but my photo bucket doesnt seem to be working.

i bought some venhill lines for my FZR400 build (pics on fb) quality of the lines seemed great, although clutch cable only lasted for 300 miles and snapped.
they didnt question it and said theyd replace it but altho they admitted it looked like a defect on there side, they didnt speed up the process to get me a new one.

i waited four weeks and chased them up so much they just gave me a refund. i thought there customer service lacked a little. but i was impressed with the lines and the price.

Venhill make good lines, any color you want i’m told!

venhill vs hel?

Had them on Mary’s old ZZR, seemed alright. Still got a spare rear Venhill brake line for ZZR600, brand new that was never fitted, if anyone wants it. In Kwak green of course.