Velcro tape?

anyone know where i can find good,cheep velcro?


Wollies do an ideal kit with all sorts of mixed strips and shapes.

I got a nice wide bit for my number plate off Ebay for pennies:)

:blink: is that woolworths?

Nicely edited (in English):wink:

Oh Yar …Woolworths old bean.:)They are all Wollies aswell !!! :w00t:

*Panagiotis is off to find his Oxford English Dictionary :Whistling:

Dont bother mate…I cant speak proper English meself yet !! :laugh:

I’ve got a couple of meters of the stuff if you want some, it’s white and about 2 inches wide, can be cut to size etc, pm me address and how much you want, I’ll never use it all.

Robert Dyas sell it by the metre, and maplin sell it as well.