Various Yamaha riders visit Jay Lenos garage

cool! i guess when you are Jay Leno not many would turn down your invitation

They gave him a bike, like he needs another bike :w00t:

I guess it sucks to be Jay Leno :hehe:

i wonder if i invite the over if the a)will come b)give me a bike? :hehe:

Re. I bet you could out BBQ Jay Leno :smiley: That deserves a bike!

He’s got a chin like that dude out of Tango & Cash !

hmm… you like BBQs. and have an R6… wanna trade your bike for a chicken souvlaki? :wink: :smiley:

oh man you got me. There’s def times when thats a no brainer!:w00t:

That’s a pretty spectacular garage!