I need to buy a van now my business is up and running, anyone on here deal in van sales.

How big? I know of a couple of different Transits for sale

I looking for a small van like the Connect and Combo size.

Will ask around - make sure it’s new enough if you’re planning on taking it in the LEZ, if you didn’t know that already :slight_smile:

try looking at the leasing companies. their vehicles are always serviced and are sold on or to the leaseing client after 4 years. Our vehicles are leased (some are HP) and they work out the same price over the term but you dont pay for servicing or the like.

It must be registered after 2002 for LEZ compliance. Unfortunately mine was registered 2001 so if i need to use it inside the LEZ then i have to fit a filter which will cost £3000 or pay £100 per day!!! The fine is £200 each time.

Not a happy bunny.

Nor am I - I bought a 2002 van, which was listed as compliant on the LEZ website, then I got a letter saying it wasn’t and it’s changed on the site!

The site even says “vehicles registered before 1 Jan 2002” - my reg form says mine was registered 17/09/2002. That and the fact it’s a CDV (Doblo) and has the same dimensions and engine as a car means I should be ok, but as usual with the government I’ve got the hassle to deal with…


Not sure how new you want, but when I was looking for a van there were loads of ex Royal Mail combos (in red obviously) at auction starting from £1300.

If it helps, I went for a Citroen Dispatch/Peugeot Expert, as big as you can get that still fit into underground car parks and single car spaces.

Avoid the connect. I have one and they are massively overrated.

regarding LEZ, I’ve just checked mine, a 51reg transit 2.4 125hp turbo diesel, high roof, long wheel base, upto 3.5tonne, and it complies with restrictions, so I would be very suprised if a smaller van wouldn’t…

You cut it fine! It affects vans registered new before 1st october 2001. I wasn’t so lucky and need to sell mine.

Watch out for next year though. From 3rd January 2012 you’ll have to meet Euro 4 standards so only vans registered new from 1st Octber 2006 will qualify.

I have a transit for sale…It is Petrol / LPG and thus is LEZ complient…

PM me if you are interested,

Transit is a bit big for what we want, i don’t want anything older than 07 plate because of LEZ.

Last time I looked, 2002 and newer was compliant for the ‘forseeable future’. Sold my 02 T280 tranny recently though.

Turns out they’ve got my van on record as weighing 5 tonnes - course, I have to send proof that it weighs just over 1! The good news is that it is compliant…

ok, just did a test:
anything registered before jan 1st, 2002 will be fucked with the new year, but if registered new on or after jan 1st, 2002:
You said your vehicle: runs on dieselweighs between 1.205 unladen and 3.5 tonnes GVW was registered as new on or after 1 January 2002 TfL classifies your vehicle as a larger van or other specialist diesel vehicle for LEZ purposes.

You are affected by the Low Emission Zone but already meet the emissions standards now and in 2012. You do not need to take any action.

citroen berlingo or similar. get a turbo van or suffer mpg mayhem. the turbo’s are 1.6 ad the non are 1.9 and suckball bags on economy. as a warning tho!!!

buy a car based van…get a car part…that hauls a van load…replace a gearbox after 22k and so on. buy a vehicle fit for purpose :Whistling: learn from our mistakes :crying:

I have been reading reviews and the ones to look for are, VW Caddy, Fiat Doble and Renault Kangoo.

Watch out for next year though. From 3rd January 2012 you’ll have to meet Euro 4 standards so only vans registered new from 1st Octber 2006 will qualify.

mines an 04 and is ok next year

get the reg and check it here

Vehicle: GM04DateStatus
06 Sep 2011 to 02 Jan 2012
Not Subject to LEZ
What does not subject to the Low Emission Zone mean?

03 Jan 2012 to onwards
What does compliant mean?

Doblo (non turbo) is gutless and you’d have to be brave to hold 70mph on the motorway as it sounds like the engine is about to blow at those revs, but it’s good on fuel and idea for round town (and holds a bike in the back easily!)