Well I’ve bought a new van, well it’s not new, but new for me to use to get to the track, but I’m going to use it as a second car (van) and general run around…

I managed to get it at a good price, but it’s got a couple of very small dents and a stone chip at the front… So the questions are:

Does anyone know a mobile dent fixer in and around London/Herts or anyone who works in a garage willing to do me a deal!!

Also I want to stick a set of Alloy wheels on it, ha ha sounds like I’m trying to pimp my ride!!!

So if anyone has any recommendation as there’s loads of the net!



oh it’s a black nissian primastar 07

whens your next track day? what type of van?

I’m doing CSB level 2 on Sunday and tehn Brands GP on Wednesday, nothing until Spain booked then…Maybe a do a cheeky Satruday or Sunday last min Thing.

you doing any? are you coming spain?

I got a Nissian Primastar 2.0 (basically the same van as the the renualt traffic or the vaxhall) metallic black…fully loaded. I’m pricking it up on Wednesday evening from Debry.

Call joe about ya dents 07500 116526