Van needed for the end of June

Hi all,

First post on here and I’m after something :blush:

I’m heading over to Ireland for a week from the 20th for my (Irish) housemate to show me around, and I’ve booked a track day at Mondello Park for the 26th.

I need to sort a van out to get us and the bike there and back, I’d rather not ride over incase I bin it!! Plenty of companies rent vans, but it’s a bit of a gamble when it comes down to making sure the bike fits in and there are enough tie down points. Plus I’d have to buy a set of straps.

So does anyone have a bike-ready van they’re not using at the end of the month, which I could borrow for suitable renumeration?
I’d sort out my own insurance and break down cover etc.

If you do, please send me a message. Or give me a ring on 07736616466.

David :smiley:

My favourite part of the OP:

Start a new thread, I’m sure you could borrow some! :wink:

Blagmiester general - I salute you!

The van’s now booked through affordable rentals in Kingston. I’ve used them before when moving house and always found the service and vans excellent.

That’s not a bad idea, more of an audience there :wink:

What an awesome track! Nice and twisty, plenty of left handers (makes a change compared to other circuits I’ve done) and quite hard work. A day was enough to learn the way around, but not to learn the track.