Valentino Rossi . . .

. . . Is a motorcycle GOD

KR212V is a DOG

hahaha, how true

Poetry in motion

Mr. Rossi, here’s a bit of advice…

Get Ducati to pay Yamaha off so that you can break your contract with them. Go race for Ducati in 08.

Win the 2008 championship whilst getting the sport some massive coverage and yourself even greater adulation (Italian rider on Italian bike ).

Now that you will have won every category of MotoGP, retire from the sport.

Start up the Rossi Racing School…Make even more money…And relax.

or win it on a noticeably worse bike clocking 11kph slower than the duke in a straight line and make yourself seem even more super human in the process. If rossi was on a ducatti it would make for boring racing really as he’d be a lap ahead of everyone…that is until Jorge Lorenzo steps up a class!! Arrogant little $hit but boy he can ride.

The M1 is no longer that slow compared to the Ducati as far as I can see.

Did you watch the Assen GP? The M1 was hanging with the Desmosedici on the straights, but that could have been because the Ducati ECU reduced top end power towards the end of the race to conserve fuel, which incidentally, is probably why Rossi won it.

affraid not afro. The M1 was reading on average 11kph slower! Rossi was obviously using his amazing talents to hussle it around brilliantly. Its not about peak power but about lap times…and rossi was setting them on a bike 11kph slower at assen.

Would have to agree with that, several times looking back from Stoner’s bike Rossi nearly slammed him up the chuff as he was carrying so much more corner speed in order to keep up on the following straight.

Rossi is the god of bike racing, i loved it when he won the championship in his 1st season for Yamaha and stuck his fingers up at Honda.

If Rossi is a god what does that make Nieto, Ago and Hailwood?

Granted the boy is good but would he have beaten Lawson or Schwantz?

I actually think if not beaten them, would certainly have been up there mixing it.

Rossi doesnt just ride the bike, he has turned it into an artform. I never used to watch the gp’s as I didnt like the bee noise, but he was the one who made me interested. His ability far outways that of his compatriates (although stoner is developing).

The one race which totally swung it for me was when he binned it (cant remember when, riding for honda at the time) and still came back to win (I think).

The man as an individual is loved the world over, can you say that about anyone in F1 (maybe hamilton at the moment?).

Yes; he’s beaten everyone else he’s raced against.

Schwantz was fast but crashed waaaay too much. In 105 (500cc) races he won 25 and had 51 podiums.Lawson had 127 (500cc) races, won 31 and was on the podium 78 times.Rossi has had (to date) 123 (premier class) races of which he’s won 61 and been on the podium 97 times. The statistics are staggering - he’s won almost half the races he’s started. Then don’t forget that if he’d stayed at Honda then those figures would doubtless be even more impressive. It’s not just about race wins either, he went to Yamaha and over the course of the close season helped turn a dog into a race winning bike. Only the second rider to win back-to-back races on different bikes, first rider to win back-to-back Championships on a different bike etc. You only have to look how far behind him all the other Yamaha riders are to get an idea, whereas all the Honda riders are closer together. Last year Rossi finished with twice as many points as the next Yamaha rider (Edwards) whereas 3 out of the top 5 bikes were Hondas.

The only person you can compare him to (in my opinion) is Agostini. Rossi’s already had more podiums (Ago had 88 500cc podiums) and he’s just seven wins behind him in the battle for most ever premier class wins.

And he’s 28, so he could conceivably continue for another half a dozen years or more.