valentines what

what did you givei got the new R&B cd for my wife with card:D

F**K all. screw you hallmark and clintons

:w00t::w00t:that bad is it sorry

hmmm here’s a surprise… i got chocolate :smiley:

We dont celebrate V day, as the 13th is our anniversary type thing…

So, we went to Gaucho’s O2 last night (costs Doug a small fortune) but it was lovely. :smiley:

It was my turn to spoil my husband this year. So I took him to a burlesque show! :smiley:

happy anniversary guys:D:P

7 years together after meeting on an online dating site of all places, now engaged and buying our first house together this year :D:D

v nice best of luck to yous:D

Congratulations! :smiley:

SAINT Valentine’s day!!!

It’s been corrupted by evil nasty corporations, valentine’s day indeed.

Hey I got nothing again this year, and yes I’m bitter and twisted. :smiley:

I caught hubby trying to buy a valentines card yesterday…told him not to waste his money on such crap…He put the card back and bought me a box of 3 creme eggs instead…love him:D

Goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo, goo.

No interest in V Day. We agreed it was commercial carp and that if he thinks he needs to get me chocs, flowers etc only once a year then he’s got another thing coming!:smiley:


money you waste on these stupid cards…I hate cards!

sod St valentines, it’s pancake day on tuesday :D:D:D

got him expensive spray and a valentines cake :slight_smile:

Ahem and I made you a choc cake with my own fair hands too :smiley:

I got a card, some choc that I had to share with someone lol a balloon and a teddy which said ‘I love you more than chocolate’ which means a lot coming from Curtis :stuck_out_tongue:

Gave my lovely wife breakfast in bed with two nice croissant, Hungarian apricot (baracs) jam, and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. No cards or commercial crap. Then a quiet morning with the children.

Quiet morning with the children!! what did you do…DRUG THEM!:w00t: