Valentines day rideout.

Anyone feeling romantic? Flowers, chocolate etc. :slight_smile:

It`s not for you :frowning:

Hardcore non romantic rideout to ugly places.

Just testing the waters.

Starting at the Ace a little while after dawn and returning a little while before dusk.

Register yer interest or disinterest and we`ll take it from there.

Limited to thirty bikes.

If this is an alternative tradition I’m very most probably an almost certain maybe

Gonna be snogging, sorry

I take it the minga is fixed then, if I can I’m in.

I do hope we’ll be along for a smooch

Alternative traditions are our thing, as you know. Yes The Minge is raring to go. Smooching is the right idea, we didn’t really want to spend the day snogging a golf champion :slight_smile:

I shall be working. Sunday ride outs are now a thing of the past for me. If you ever go out on a Saturday let me know. I may make it for a coffee at the ace.

OK folks,  a non-Valentine lunch place has been selected (clue:  don’t have sausages for breakfast)

National Treasure and Rosso - get in touch for the meet-up for lunch if you don’t fancy trekking down to the Ace, it’s accessible for you both if you go sideways if you know what we mean :

Sorry you can’t make it Changy, just for you as Spring progresses we may invoke some short Saturdays. 

For the rest of you, departure from the Ace 10am.  Full tanks and empty bladders, the ride will start slow as we`ve not ridden since 11.11.15 but may escalate as we regain our mojo.

Looks cold so 150 miles before lunch seems fair.

Veggies tolerated.

Visiting some iconic sites on the way home.

Marmalade ice creams a plausibility.


Ok, will be in touch on Saturday evening.

OK, costwold 25, wembley 37 will confirm rendezvous.

Bring partner, hold, lube, sparrows at dawn.

Bring big coat! Gonna be cold!!! I know that won’t bother any of you tho. Lol

Tim,  do you need rendezvous co-ordinates or will you be starting @ Ace?


Bloody hell mate I can only keep up with you two in the summer. Thanks anyway Chris I got some lovin to give to big Wendy on Sunday.

Super, 10am kick off means I gets a lie in

Too cold for me :frowning:

You know you want to. Get on that 1508 to Marks Tey and I’ll pick you up at the Bungalow Cafe around 8am

Got a bitch of a cold mate…shame, as Ive just invested in some heated gloves too.

No worries

Ooohhhhhhh, what a choice! Time with Mr Janey or The Jets tomorrow morning??? I think Tim wins this one, partly because it means I won’t have to wash the bike in the afternoon :grin:

It would mean i need to wash mine tonight from the last time I rode it weeks ago, left it minging and covered in shite.