Valentine's Day Menu

Well what did you lot do for a special Valentine’s Day meal?

We’re old and cynical so didn’t go out for a meal, but are doing it at home with:

A) Decorating the living room as a special treat

B) Dinner: Moules in garlic sauce, Duck breast with new potatoes and spring greens, Banoffee pudding and lots of Chilean red wine.

C) Maybe an early night;):wink:

PS: We have to make clear that Mr J is doing all the decorating, did the shopping, and the cooking. No chance of him washing up but hey you can’t have everything in life. What he said he will also do after the early night is censored:blush:

Breakfast: Subway Sausage & Egg Sub
Lunch: Skipped
Dinner: Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella

Late night as usual


Dinner tonight was wild guinea fowl with sage and onion stuffing, potato croquettes, sugar snap peas followed by a large toblerone :kiss:…and bedtime i dread to think seems though my valentine pressy appears to be new set of restraints…:w00t:
i kid you not!!!

You got a web cam Wasp?:w00t:

erm well…we reheated yesterdays leftovers and watched Swordfish programme on tv


I told Jackie we could go anywhere or I would cook whatever she wanted. I was sent out on the bike for large cod and chips!

Boycotting this Commercial girlie love-in crap next year and instead we’re celebrating Manatine’s Day… she makes me a sandwich, hands me a beer, turns on the bike racing and takes the kids out… AFTER calling all my mates and telling them to come over with more beer and the take out curry for me, :slight_smile:

Got in from work about seven after a very stressful day. Kitchen light doesn’t fire - go out and buy a new starter for the fluoro tube. Try second starter that I bought - this doesn’t work either.

This fails to solve the problem. Go back out to DIY shop to buy new fluoro tube. They don’t sell fluoro tubes. Walk to second DIY shop to buy new fluoro tube.

Install these, and lo, we have light! Unfortunately the missus didn’t do the washing up (I do most of the other housework), so no chopping boards/pans to cook on. Wash up.

Missus gets in from work about half eight. Neither of us can be arsed to cook, order takeaway curry instead. Yum!

Glad you guys had fun, I had the WORST Valentine’s day ever :frowning:

Awwwwwwwwwwwww:crying: why?

My sympathies :frowning: Swap fellas, it’s not hard at your age :slight_smile:

I had kebabs, beer and banter :slight_smile:

what, no steak and blowjob after all?

Very sorry to hear that Karleigh :frowning:

I had an interesting ecounter with an attempt at cake making that has left me feeling quite ill. The concotion of ingredients was not a good choice methinks…

Ahhhh, poor Karleigh. Sounds like time for a change (Szymon’s right):wink:

played last game of the season at my 5aside league and scored the winning goal then went home and made my self stirfry veg with rice

i had a quite night, in a layby, up north in Hexam, on my own, in a Volvo. food was crap, t.v. reception was crap, the night heater dosent work properly so it was chilly, oh and there was a train track far to close to the layby. i did have a good book to read though!!:slight_smile:

someones got to keep the world running


next time lets have a girls night out instead :slight_smile:

We’re cool now :wink:

And Alba we’re overdue a drink! I think Jaime should organise another night out…